Manage your employee roster and time track labour costs

Dashify Time clock app is your paperless time clock for accurate payroll and verification process of your employee rostering and labour costs.

View in real-time your staff's current status, wether they are on break, working or ended their shift.

Simple staff rostering!

Easy to use staff scheduling using drag and drop functionality, plan and budget your labour costs to forecast your expenses!

Create schedule

Plan and budget your employee rostering for the day or week

Monitor attendance & breaks

Manage your employees time sheets automatially through our Kiosk

Approval process

Have an approval process to verify or confirm labour costs

Time clock app

Integrate with Dashify time clock app used on any smart device

Schedule management

  • Create, update and replicate schedule

    Manage your schedule daily or weekly with continuous updates and email notification

  • Shift notes

    Add notes to employees to ensure they stay ontop of the tasks for the day

  • Simple views

    Display the shifts that best suits you, choose view by department, employee or day


Our Pricing

No per employee charges, that’s right a single flat fee per month. No unexpected charges.

No lock-in contracts, leave anytime and be billed month to month

One-off, duplicate or repeat the roster

  • Create a shift

    View your schedule by department, employee or day and start creating a roster to assign shifts to employees

  • Save time by duplicating or repeating

    Duplicate shifts for chosen days or copy the same roster for the following week, saving admin time

Approve & export recorded shifts

  • Exporting timesheet

    Simple export to download or integration to your payroll software

  • Payroll Approval

    Manager can approve timesheets individually or in bulk and save time from employee admin


PIN code & photo verification

  • Time clock app

    Simple staff time tracking in real-time, view how long staff have worked or breaks taken

  • Employee PIN code

    Have your staff login with a unique PIN assigned to each employee

  • Photo verification

    Ability to visually approve shifts with photo taken for starting a shift or break and ending one

Time Clock App

Employee Management Software

Need more information on the employee management app? View in-depth information of the HR software and see how it can help you transform your business while reducing costs.

Paperless employee onboarding process

  • Invite a new employee

    Send a branded email to your new hire to simply create a new profile and begin the process

  • Simple step by step wizard

    Pre-fill or allow your new hire to fill out your paperless employee onboarding form

  • Approval process

    Allow your HR or management to approve the filled out onboarding form and provide access

Employee onboarding

Employee information & document management

Keep relevant employee information at one location and keep confidential data stored on each employees profile

  • Employee details

  • Tax, working rights and super fund

  • Role & salary information

  • Notes and timeline history

  • Documents & files

Employee Management