Online reservation software for restaurants, cafe's and more.

Dashify Online Booking system allows your business to obtain general or paid bookings with a quick and easy setup.

No per cover charges, no lock-in contracts and no unexpected charges. Billed month to month!

Booking Widget

The Online Booking software will allow you to instantly setup a reservation system. Works perfectly for restaraunts, cafes, pubs and even mechanical workshops!

Instant Setup

Add our widget to your website to start taking reservations

Reservation Management

Manage all booking through your reservation dashboard

Accept pre-payment

Easily accept payments with 100% flexibility on how to charge

Options to choose which viewpoint works for you!

  • Timeline View

    Display bookings on a realtime view, see whos coming and make quick updates

  • List View

    View bookings in a simple list view and grouped by time slots

  • Archive of bookings

    View all bookings as a whole to quickly find or edit bookings using quick search functions

  • Exporting

    Easily download your bookings list to create your daily runsheet.

Simple website integration or create a landing page

Add the Dashify Booking widget to your website easily, supports all custom code or popular CMS integrations like WordPress.

Create a beautiful landing page customized for you to get a branded feel, eliminate the general look!

We can help you integrate with Dashify at no cost!

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Add paid products to upsell or require payment!

Self manage your products that require payments for bookings or special events.

Flexible calculation methods which include a set fee, per head or by additional extras.

  • Flexible calculation

  • Easy setup and branded

  • Accept credit and debit cards with Stripe

  • Product management tool

Single truth of source for all your bookings

Ability to view all your bookings from other sources to manage them on a single dashboard.

One of your booking sources charging you per cover? Make sure they arrived and were seated!

Easily export your data or analyze it to make better business decisions.

Total 360 booking management software

  • Tag & notes

    Ability to add public or internal notes for bookings to help prepare your team.

  • Contact profiling

    Tag potential requests by your customers and view a complete timeline of the booking

  • See CRM Solution

    Integrated with the Dashify CRM app.

CRM integration

Dashify Booking software

Need more information on the online booking module? View in-depth information of the booking software and see how it can help you transform your business while reducing costs.