Simple employee onboarding solution that works

Paperless onboarding experience that simplifies your process with no more paperwork and manual HR admin, reducing time and costs.

Manage confidential employee information without having to store paperwork.

Employee management

Using the Dashify employee management software will provide you access to our paperless onboarding process to storing confidential employee information.

Onboarding process

Simplify and speed up your process to let your employees onboard digitally

Employee information

Keep all your confidential employee information at a single location

Access & permission

Restrict or permit access to your employees depending on what access level is required

The new paperless employee onboarding process

  • Invite a new employee

    Send a branded email to your new hire to simply create a new profile and begin the process

  • Simple step by step wizard

    Pre-fill or allow your new hire to fill out your paperless employee onboarding form

  • Approval process

    Allow your HR or management to approve the filled out onboarding form and provide access

Approve new onboarded employees

  • Validate employee submission

    View completed submission by your employee and ensure the relevant details have been provided.

  • Update or add to the submission

    Add the employee role information, salary, signed contract documents or certifications that may be required

  • Activate new employee

    Simple activation once completed, if you have the Time & Tracking Kiosk you can send the new employee their PIN code.

Managing employee personal and work information

Keep relevant employee information at one location and keep confidential data stored on each employees profile

  • Employee details

  • Tax, working rights and super fund

  • Role & salary information

  • Notes and timeline history

  • Documents & files

File and document management

Upload employee documents and go paperless, knowing its safe and secure.

  • Employment contract

  • Driver license or Visa documents

  • RSA or other certifications

  • Promotions, role changes or bonuses

User access & permission control

Keep confidential data seen by only who needs to view them, restrict or permit access to your employees depending on what access level is required.

Decide what permission is given for the whole Dashify system, from being able to view data or access certain features.

Simple role creation and assigning employees to roles, flexible and scalable solution.

Employee Management Software

Need more information on the employee management application? View in-depth information of the HR software and see how it can help you transform your business while reducing costs.


Manage scheduling & create rosters

  • Manage your schedule

    Create, edit and copy your schedule daily or weekly.

  • Approval process

    Have management approve rostering and manage your business labour costs

  • Breaks and shift notes

    Add paid or unpaid breaks to shifts with the flexibility to add shift notes

  • Automated emails

    Send emails to your staff with the assigned schedule, updates or notes.

Employee Rostering

Shift & time tracking

Dashify Kiosk App is your time clock for accurate payroll and verification process of your employee rostering.

  • Record exact time on shift

  • Verification of time & attendance

  • Approval process of recorded shifts

  • Dashify Kiosk integration

  • Ability to manage remotely

Shift Tracking