Simple and accurate purchase ordering

Efficiently manage your purchase orders from both your suppliers and customers in a single easy to use dashboard.

Manage stock, account payments, returns and generate tax invoices, packing slips and reports.

Easy to manage purchase ordering

With Dashify App, getting stock into your business is simple, traceable, and connected to your inventory, reporting, and accounting systems for a seamless integration.

Easy Ordering

Simple way to create all your orders purchase orders

Track Orders

View and track supplier orders right through to delivery

Inventory Management

Automate inventory count from your purchase orders


Use valuable data to help make business decisions easier


Access anywhere, anytime on any smart device

Reduce COGS

Stay on top of your purchase order and costs

Automate Data Entry

Save time & labour to reduce manual entry and admin tasks

Simple Software

Easy to use purchase ordering software that simplifies processes

Manage customer orders and your business purchasing activities

  • Easily manage your orders

    Create, view and manage orders made for customers or purchase orders with your suppliers.

  • Order updates and history

    Ability to update your orders with internal or customer facing notes, sent via branded emails.

  • Approval Process

    Create an approval procedure prior to processing order fullfilment.

Inventory and stock management

  • Simplified inventory management

    Easy to use software to view, categorise and manage inventory and make instant updates.

  • Stock and batch control

    Associate inventory to batch orders to easily track profit margins between purchase orders.

  • Custom attributes

    Enhance your stock management with creating additional attributes needed for different inventory types.

Account Keeping and transaction ledger

  • Manage customer accounts

    View customers financial status at a glance with payment settings capablities.

  • Transactional history

    Simple transaction ledger view of all payments and debits made by a customer account to easily reconcile payments.

  • CRM Integration

    Integrate with the Dashify CRM feature to create contact types being suppliers or customers.

Invoicing & packing slips

  • Simple invoice and packing slip generation

    Generate PDF invoices and packing slips, with the ability to download or email the PDF files.

  • Branded with customisation

    Create branded PDF documents with flexible customisation of information you may want to display.

CRM Software Integration

  • Contact profiling

    Easily view a CRM cotacts order history with the CRM integration

  • Tag & notes

    Ability to add public or internal notes for orders to notify all parties of any crucial information that needs to be shown.

  • See CRM Solution

    Integrated with the Dashify CRM app to help with digital marketing capabilities

CRM integration

Reporting and insights

Get quick insights on how well your business is doing with several reporting tools Dashify can offer.

Create valuable reports for customers, stock control and financial transactions.