Provide a contactless digital menu for customers

Dashify can create a digital menu for customers to view by scanning a QR code.

Easy and simple way to manage your menu through the Dashify control panel and instantly update products.

Reduce costs by moving to a digital menu that you can manage.

Branded Digital Menu!

Looking for a simple setup of a digital menu that you can easily manage through your control panel, update photos, description and prices.

  • Company Branded

    Ability to brand the digital menu as your own

  • QR Code

    Simply add a QR code visible for customers to scan

  • No Coding Required

    Easy control panel to make changes without having to code

  • Instant Updates

    Make changes to have them instantly reflrect on the app

Digital menu by a simple scan on a smart device, try it!

Provide a digital friendly menu for customers, all they have to do is scan the QR code with their smart device..

Ability to change the menu anywhere, anytime. Update photos, descriptions, tags and the ability to add extras for certain products.

Digital Menu QR

Easily create and manage your products

No need to learn to code, simply edit your products and organise how it can be displayed.

Changes made are instantly updated on your menu, great if you want to run daily specials.

Create categories and tags to arrange your digital menu more efficiently.

Digital Menu Admin

Highly customizable to company branding

  • Company Branding

    Custom logo with colour scheme for a company branded feel.

  • Custom Content

    Add additional content to be displayed prior to displaying menu.

  • Flexible Categories

    Add descriptions to each categories.

  • Social Media

    Obtain new social media followers by promoting your accounts.

  • Easy Control Panel

    Easily customized through the Dashify App, anyone can do it!

Lead Management

See it in action!

Interested in using Dashify App? Send a request and our team will get back to you to arrange a time to demonstrate how the software will save you time and money.

A demo of the software can take up to an hour depending on how many features you are looking at using.

You can also call our team on (02) 9631 4731.