Hospitality CRM software, easily manage data & guest profiles

Your customer contacts, your data to keep track of customer interactions throughout all your digital platforms.

Deliver great customer service, ensuring all customer enquiries are actioned, track the progress at a glance.

CRM application features

CRM software with customized settings that allow you to define your own fields you may require, with a branded touch.

Easy To Use

Simple and flexible dashboard to manage your customer data

Custom Fields

Ability to create custom fields needed to segment data

Timeline & History

View complete customer interactions with your business

Lead Management

Manage leads and have the ablity for lead tracking

Marketing & Campaigns

Easy way to create marketing campaigns and track progress

Branded emails

Automate branded emails and manage marketing campaigns

API Integration

Ability to integrate to your online forms that collect customer data

Insights Dashboard

Easily view reports to manage your contacts and leads

Your single source of truth for customer data

Store all your customer data with the ability to capture specific data your business requires and grow your database.

Integrate with all your business applications and have all you customer data at a single location accessible anytime, anwhere.

Our Pricing

No per contact charges, that’s right a single flat fee charge per month. No unexpected charges.

No lock-in contracts, leave anytime and be billed month to month

Lead management and tracking, integrate with your digital platforms

  • Lead management

    View and update all your leads in a single dashboard, and manage enquiries at a glance. Integrate with your website and other digital platforms

  • Email notifications

    Send branded emails to replies to your customers, with the ability to implement this feature with auto responders to form submissions

Digital Forms

Capture custom form data with custom fields

  • Capturing information

    Build your own custom forms to post the data to create new contacts, leads or both.

  • Create custom fields

    Easily create customized fields for your contacts or leads and utilize these fields through the system

  • Customised Forms

    Flexible form for customer submissions which are created as new leads, which can become business opportunities

View customer interaction through history and timeline

  • Customer engagements

    View customer interactions from both internal and external communication.

  • Timeline logs

    Record and display logs with updates made to customer record, always know why or who updated the information.

  • Module interaction

    View customer history for Dashify module interactions, ie: view reservations made.

View insights, track how well your business is going

Get quick insights on how your customer interaction is going, comparing past to present. This will allow you to make better decision on how to run your business.

Analyze how you obtain you customer contacts and plan your marketing strategy with these valuable insights.

3rd party Integration with webhooks

Webhooks are one of a few ways web applications can communicate with each other, it will allow you to send real-time data from Dashify to another application

Easily send these data to popular platforms like Zapier or and process data to digital marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid & Twilio to name a few.

Integration methods