Solutions to help owners and staff simplify work

Dashify's features provide simple to use solutions to help run your business efficiently, saving you time and money.

Online Booking System

Online Booking

Perfect to help run your Restaurant, Cafe or Mechanical Workshops.

  • Website integration & setup

    Instantly setup a booking widget to your website and start taking bookings, even if you want to take paid deposits.

  • Reservation management

    Easily view and manage bookings through our admin control panel to help organise your reservations.

  • CRM & Digital Marketing

    Add guests using our CRM and use acquired data with your digital marketing efforts.

Booking Software

Employee Management

Rostering & Time Tracking

Staff rostering and paperless time clock for accurate payroll and verification process of your employee rostering and labour costs.

  • Schedule management

    Manage schedules daily or weekly with continuous updates and email notification

  • Clock in & out tracking system

    Real-time tracking for your current employees, see how long they have worked or break used

  • Approval & exporting

    Approve shifts and export timesheets to action your payroll process

Staff Rostering

Employee Management

Paperless employee onboarding

Our employee management software will provide you access to our paperless onboarding process to storing confidential employee information.

  • Inviting a new employee

    Branded email to your new hire tobegin the process, with a simple approval process.

  • Employee information management

    Keep relevant required employee information and files securely uploaded and become available when needed.

  • Staff access & permission control

    Keep confidential data seen by only who needs to view them, restrict or permit access to your employees depending on what access level is required.

Employee onboarding

Employee Management

Time Clock App

Turn any smart device into a time clock app for staff time tracking, get accurate shift and break times today!

  • Record time on shift and verify time & attendance

    Make it easy for staff to record their exact hours and breaks.

  • View historic and scheduled shifts

    As an employee, view your previous schedules or future shifts you have been rostered for.

  • Manage recurring or one-off tasks assigned

    Create a checklist of tasks that employee need to complete, all managed through the time clock app..

Clock In Out App

CRM Software

CRM & Lead Management

Integrate with Dashify CRM and start your sales pipeline and lead management.

  • Create leads from digital form submission

    Flexible customisation to capture any data your may require for simple enquiry forms to complex application wizards.

  • Digital marketing with API or webhook integration

    Integrate with 1,000s of applications that support API or webhooks, populard platforms like Zapier, Mailchimp, Sendgrid.

  • Building a CRM database

    Grow your customer data and allow yourself to re-market to them for future promotions.

CRM & Lead Management

Online Booking System

Digital Menu

Display your digital menu customers can view by scanning a QR code, perfect for physical stores.

  • Branded Digital Menu

    Create a branded digital menu without having to code anything, simply upload your menu items.

  • Product managements

    add, edit ir remove through our easy to use control panel, instantly updated in real time.

  • Integrate with online bookings

    Allow menu items to be added to online reservations for paid bookings, integrated with Stripe payments.

Digital Menu

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