Simple CRM software to effectively manage your customer data

Store and manage clients contacts to your database and keep track of customer interactions throughout all your digital platforms.

Deliver great customer service making sure all customer enquiries are dealt with and tracked.

Ability to integrate to most popular tools, open API to push your contacts and leads too.

Highly customizable & easy to use

CRM software with customized settings that allow you to define your own fields you may require, with a branded touch.

  • Easy To Use

    Simple and flexible dashboard to manage your customer data

  • Custom Fields

    Ability to create custom fields needed to segment data

  • Timeline & History

    View complete customer interactions with your business

  • Lead Management & Tracking

    Manage leads and have the ablity for lead tracking

  • Marketing & Campaigns

    Easy way to create marketing campaigns and track progress

  • Branded emails

    Automate branded emails and manage marketing campaigns

  • Open Integration

    Push your contacts, leads to Dashify with our open API

  • Insights Dashboard

    Easily view reports to manage your contacts and leads

Your single source of truth for all customer and marketing data

Everything you need to purchase is located in one central place accessible anywhere, anytime on any smart device. No more remembering logins from each supplier or website

If an item is missing from a delivery or a key purchaser is out, it’s super simple to review past orders, trace what went wrong, see what needs to be ordered, or what needs to be received.


Lead management and tracking, integrate with your digital platforms

Save time by saving your favourite products from suppliers to your pantry, make it simple to order it again!

Need to make the same order consitantly, create a template and make the order. Need to make adjustments on the fly, that can be done too!

Save Pantry List

View insights, track how well your business is going

If you are a Restaurant, Cafe, Pub/Bistro or in hospitality you have access to our partnered suppliers with 1,000's of products available to browse and purchase from in a single location.

Instantly reduce your cost on goods sold (COGS) and make start increasing your profit margins, our partnered suppliers provide the best prices possible!

Pantry List

See it in action!

Interested in using Dashify App? Send a request and our team will get back to you to arrange a time to demonstrate how the software will save you time and money.

A demo of the software can take up to an hour depending on how many features you are looking at using.

You can also call our team on (02) 9631 4731.